Key Messages

Our key message for 2020 is that Management is responsible for segregating pedestrians from Materials Handling equipment.

This is best achieved by physical barriers, but the importance of traffic planning, route marking and effective information delivery is also emphasised.

We are calling for mangers not to be the barrier to forklift safety, instead they should let the barrier be the barrier by recognising that segregation saves lives. Effective segregation of workplace transport is your legal obligation. The vast majority of fatalities and serious injuries caused by impact with pedestrians are wholly avoidable by traffic route demarcation, physical barriers and other simple measures.


For more information download our NFSD 2020 booklet

The theme for the inaugural UK event was that that management is responsible for ensuring operator restraints, such as seat belts, are being used because they save lives.

 The primary purpose of the operator restraint on a forklift truck is to keep the operator within the protective structure (“cab”) in the event of a tip-over. It prevents the operator from sliding out of, or attempting to jump away from, the cab, and being crushed between the framework and the ground. Management responsibility extends beyond provision of equipment and training, and includes a requirement to enforce the use of safety equipment.

For more information download our NFSD 2019 booklet

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